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Metallic Spiral Wound Gasket

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Spiral Wound Gasket

SPIRATEC of NAMKHANH INDUSTRY CORP., are semi-metallic gaskets designed for high pressure and temperature applications. Depending on the application the spiral wound gasket can be specified with outer and/or inner rings. A variety of forms of the gasket is available and these can be manufactured in a variety of materials or sizes to suit requirements.

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· The spiral wound gasket is suitable for use across a wide pressure range and is therefore virtually applicable.
· The spiral wound gasket can be used to seal fluid pressures up to 250 bar and cryogenic temperatures as low – 200℃ and up to elevated temperatures 550℃.
· Due to its sturdy design the spiral wound gasket is simple to install without causing damage (although extra care should be taken during transportation and installation of large diameter gasket without guide rings).
· The outer guide ring serves to locate the spiral element centrally on the flange faces and prevent blow-out.
· By combining different winding materials and metals the gasket can be tailored to a wide variety of operating conditions.
· Due to its non-adhesive character the gasket is easy to remove after service.
· The gasket does not cause damage to the flange faces.

Metallic Spiral Wound Gasket Selection


Metallic Spiral Wound Gasket Dimensions



Metallic Spiral Wound Gasket Section

Gasket Profiles

Style R Basic construction type.
Suitable for tongue and groove or male and female or grooved to flat flange assemblies.
Applications: Heat exchangers, pumps, valves, piping …
Style RIR, Inner Ring type.
Suitable for male and female pipe flanges.
Applications: Heat exchangers, pumps, valves, piping ...
Style SG ,Outer Ring type
Suitable for use with flat face and raised face flange.
Applications: Piping
Style SGI , Inner and Outer type
Suitable for use with flat face and raised face flange.
Applications: Piping flanges up to 2500Lb (PN420). Dimensions following ASME B16.20, DIN, EN1514-2, JIS, and GOST for use with UNC or Metric bolting.


Metallic Spiral Wound Gasket Constitute

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